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As an architectural design student at the Rhode Island School of Design, in 2015, Rachel Back enrolled in a furniture design studio.  In an attempt to fulfill a lifelong dream of learning how to make secret rooms in buildings, she enrolled in a Japanese puzzle box making class, at the advice of her furniture professor.  Using the influences of the locking mechanisms in the traditional Japanese boxes, she began creating her own designs, which incorporated the use of modern technology, such as laser cutting machines. 


Leaving secret rooms behind, Rachel fell in love with creating more and more lock box designs.  In 2016, Rachel began selling these boxes, and after an amazing customer response, she decided to grow the business little by little.  After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, in 2017, Rachel moved the business to Santa Barbara, California.  

Unlocked Designs is a company that creates unique, hand made, artistic, functional sculptures, that aim to add an extra dimension of beauty and intrigue to everyday life.  Our products are designed with function and form being held to an equal standard.  


While Unlocked Designs creates lock boxes, and other functional sculptures, that is far from its main purpose. Through the use of the design process, and daily activity of creation, Rachel is exploring architecture, design, and space making.  Using the lock boxes as a creative outlet, Rachel is exploring new ways of creating interaction, movement, form, and tactile experience.  



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