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Unlocked Designs provides an array of services from Spatial Design to Consulting.  Focusing on residential design, Unlocked Designs aims to bring effective and unique design solutions at all scales.  Whether you are a home owner or a designer, Unlocked Designs can help you complete your project with efficiency and passion. 

Unlocked Designs was founded by Rachel Back.  Rachel is a lifelong artist and is passionate about creating and discovering through art, with spatial design as her chosen medium.  Rachel has a B.S. in Civil Engineering (Northeastern University '07) and a Master of Architecture (Rhode Island School of Design '17).  Her pedagogy combines love for nature and wander with placehood and the idea of Design for All.  Her process combines tangible making with technology and programming. Through combining various methods of creating, Rachel is exploring form, interaction, design, and space making. 

Rachel brings a unique and experienced perspective to her work.  Before returning to school to pursue a Master of Architecture, she worked in structural engineering, working in various jobs including in material science and research, working at Boston Public Works, and later as a Bridge Inspector and Engineer in New England.  

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